Stack Emission Monitoring

At WAFA, we are equipped with the state-of-the-art instruments and team is trained in all aspects of emission techniques and on-site safety. We routinely undertaking projects in all parts of Emirates of UAE. STACK EMISSION MONITORING parameters include:

  1. Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  2. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  3. Sulphur oxides (SO2)
  4. Nitrogen Oxides (Nox)
  5. Oxygen (O2)
  6. Hydrocarbons (CxHy)
  7. Particulate Matter
  8. Stack Velocity
  9. Stack Temperature
  10. Flue Gas Temperature
  11. Heat Monitoring
  12. Heat Stress Monitoring
Typical Clients for Stack Emission Monitoring are:
  • Chemical & Fertilizer Manufacturing Industry
  • Paint Manufacturing Facility
  • Auotomotive Manufacturing Industry
  • Large Boilers & Furnances operations
  • Paper manufacturing facility
  • Printing, pulp & paper Industry
  • Aluminium smelters
  • Iron & Steel industry
  • Cement work facility
  • Petroleum Works – Refineries