Legionella test and Legionella Risk Assessment are an important part of water management program for both potable and non-potable water systems and Municipalities of all seven emirates mandate or recommend testing to validate the water management program to monitor its effectiveness.

W A F A is one of the leaders for Legionella testing services (Legionella Risk Assessment) in UAE and has the largest capacity to handle high volumes of Legionella samples. Our Legionella testing laboratory is EIAC {formerly known as Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC)} and ILAC accredited, ensuring the preciseness and reliability on our test results.

Legionella Risk Assessment is identified as one of the risk by all emirates of UAE. It highlights potential dangers and steps that should be taken to reduce levels of bacteria where required. Legionella Risk Assessments ensure that complete water systems are evaluated thoroughly so that water is not contaminated with Legionella. Safety regulators in UAE recognize that Legionella growth is preventable as it can be controlled with suitable precautions. Unmaintained water system become paradise for waterborne pathogens. Legionella Risk Assessment will identify the dangers caused due to the absence of proper care and maintenance, which may cause the growth of Legionella in water system. Our team have an extensive training to perform successful Legionella Risk Assessment for your water system.

Why Legionella Risk Assessment and Testing are important?

Legionella Risk Assessment & Testing in all water system is a requirement for all Emirates. Legionnaire’s disease affects commonly affects elderly and immune compromised individuals and it is potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by the inhalation of contaminated water containing Legionella. Per DM/AbuDhabi guideline, all tanks storing all types water including hot, cold, calorifiers, balancing tank, fountain, pool, Jacuzzi etc. on a quarterly basis and should be free from Legionella. It is a local Municipality that complete potable water system should be tested for Legionella and Microbiology on a quarterly basis.
Testing Legionella routinely accomplishes two tasks:

  1. It indicates the effectiveness of control measures already in place, and
  2. It provides an early warning of potential problems.

Legionella Awareness Training is an integral part of training program for all water system engineers. Our Legionella Awareness training focuses on to improve skills of the personnel to effectively manage risks associated with legionella. Important to know and understand the dangers of Legionella bacteria and the conditions under which Legionella thrive, the pointed person should be competent to identify and take preventive action and recognize warning signs of Legionella growth. Legionella Awareness training on ACOP L8 Hot and Cold water & Risk systems.

WAFA Competency in Legionella Testing and Legionella Risk Assessment:

Our team is trained (Competency Certificate From USA) and competent to perform Legionella Risk Assessment (EIAC Accreditation- 2025).

Testing Methods

  • Accredited by EIAC to follow ISO 11731:2017 Gold standard cultural method
  • Use of selective and non-selective media
  • Direct plating and concentration by filtration
  • Sample pre-treatment (acid/heat)
  • Serogrouping of Legionella pneumophila

Our Clients

  • Hotels
  • Facility Managements
  • Dental Clinics