At  W A F A Biological Laboratory, we test the Water you consume, Air you breathe, and the Food you eat, for a healthy living!

The lab established with a beautiful Arabic name WAFA, which means faithful, loyal, pure and true. Yes, we are loyal and faithful to our clients by providing accurate results on the purity of the samples we test.

Our name W A F A also stands for Water Air Food Analytics. WAFA is fully focused to serve the Industries, which provides pure Water, Air and Food for residents and guests from all over the world. Our periodical test results assure the management and the ownership that quality standards are maintained by the day to day operations of the industry.

W A F A laboratory testing covers intrinsic product safety and performance criteria for delivering quality services with expertise.

W A F A strives to deliver outstanding value to our diverse customer base. We are committed to providing rapid turn-around-time, value-based pricing, technical assistance and accurate and timely reporting. Our test results assist the Client to improve the quality of their products, thereby maintaining the image of their brand. This is not only based on greater product safety and performance, but also in our client’s interest of their financial return on investment.

Our Staff:

W A F A Laboratory is headed by Dr. Geetha, with 30 years of experience in the US in research and Microbiology testing. She is ISO 22000 and HACCP certified and well-recognized by Dubai Municipality. She is assisted by well qualified and experienced microbiologists and chemists. Microbiology department is managed by experienced microbiologist with Master degree with the team of analysts. Our Quality Assurance Manager also holds the engineering degree and sample collector has several years of experience and technically qualified to collect samples as per Dubai Municipality requirements.


Our Vision, Values, and Mission



  • To be the leader in food, water and air quality analytical testing and offer a technologically progressing portfolio of services in the industry to contribute for healthy living
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Total transparency in all processes
  • Reliability in our results
  • Our mission is to ensure that our client’s individual testing profile is well regulated, and their overall program objectives are accurately met in a timely manner.