Calibration Services

At WAFA, we are committed to provide the best calibration services using the state-of-the-art equipment to increase high quality and service excellence using master instruments which are traceable to national and international standards.

WAFA team provide Calibration services for a wide range of calibration services for measuring instruments in the field of Pressure, Temperature, Mass, Dimensional, Force.

Our services are committed to clients in all Emirates of UAE and also neighbouring countries for the calibration of plant scales & load test machines

WAFA Biological Laboratory Calibration Department has been accredited by EIAC for ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Please Contact Us to discuss your calibration program per your specific requirement.


List of Scopes Accredited


  • Crane scales/Dynamometers
  • External Micrometers
  • Displacement transducers LVDT
  • Dial gauges & Digital gauge for dimensional measurements
  • Engineers rulers/Measuring tapes) Pressure & Vacuum gauges
  • Calipers (Dial, Digital & Vernier)
  • Food Transport Vehicle Freezers/Chillers
  • Load Measuring Devices
  • CBR/Marshall Testing Machines
  • Proving rings (soil testing rings)
  • Point Load testers
  • Proving rings (Soil testing rings)
  • Force gauges
  • Compression/Tension Load Cells
  • Compression/Tensile/Universal testing machines

Calibration Equipment

  • # F1 Class test Weights (1kg to 5 kg)
  • # M1 Class Weights (5kg to 20kg)
  • # Dry block calibrator
  • # Gauge blocks (0.1mm to mm)
  • # Standard Thermometer
  • # Load Cell 5000 KN capacity (Compression)
  • # Load Cell 750 KN Capacity (Compression)
  • # Load Cell 5000kN (Tension)