Legionella testing is an important part of water management program for both potable and non-potable water systems. Municipalities of all seven emirates mandate or recommend testing to validate the water management program to monitor its effectiveness.

W A F A is one of the leaders for Legionella testing services in UAE and has the largest capacity to handle high volumes of Legionella samples. Our Legionella testing laboratory is EIAC {formerly known as Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC)} and ILAC accredited, ensuring the preciseness and reliability on our test results.

Why Legionella Testing is important?

Legionnaires’ disease is a legitimate public health concern as its fatality rate during an outbreak ranges from 5% to 30% in those who contract the disease. It is Municipality requirement that proactively managing the risk of Legionella bacteria in cooling towers and water systems is more effective than responding to an outbreak retroactively. Testing Legionella routinely accomplishes two tasks:

  1. It indicates the effectiveness of control measures already in place, and
  2. It provides an early warning of potential problems.
Testing Methods
  • Accredited by EIAC to follow ISO 11731:2017 Gold standard cultural method
  • Use of selective and non-selective media
  • Direct plating and concentration by filtration
  • Sample pre-treatment (acid/heat)
  • Serogrouping of Legionella pneumophila
Our Clients
  • Hotels
  • Facility Managements
  • Dental Clinics